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LNG within energy transitionThusday 02nd October 2014

LNG within energy transition

While in France the debates about the energy transition law have just started at the Parliament, it..

Permits instruction is ongoingFriday 08th August 2014

Permits instruction is ongoing

The admissibility of Fos Faster terminal's license application file has been officially issued by..

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Fos Faster is an LNG terminal project that will make it possible to process a natural gas capacity equivalent to approximately 15% of France’s annual consumption. In 2009, Shell and Vopak joined to form a common platform and develop this large-scale investment project of at the level of France and Europe.

The terminal’s design was guided in large part by the demands of the shipping customers. Our terminal is independent, open to all and aimed at providing optimal flexibility.

The project is located in Fos-sur-Mer within the Grand Port Maritime de Marseille (GPMM), an already industrialized major port zone offering excellent nautical conditions in deep water. This site boasts a pre-existent interconnector for gas evacuation which is sized to accommodate new capacity.

The terminal features:

  • Initial-stage capacity amounting up to 8 billion m3, which can be doubled should the market so require,
  • up to 2 reservoirs holding approximately 180,000 m3 each from the start, which could be extended to 4,
  • the ability to accommodate LNG ships of all sizes,
  • up to 2 jetties